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DEMO surveying tool sale

date: 24.04.2017.

STONEX GNSS receiver S10 + controller S4 only 6161EUR +VAT

Included: GNSS S10, S4 controller, telescopic pole, SurvCE


STONEX 3D Laser Scanner X300 only 19950EUR +VAT

Included: X300 File Manager, X300 Line Up Pro, X300 GPS kit, tripod

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date: 06.04.2017.

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date: 01.03.2017.

We announce that "Geo Lux" is participating in the exhibition Māja | 2017, which will take place from 9. - 12. March at the International Exhibition Centre in Ķīpsala. In the exhibition you will be able to meet us in Hall 1, stand 5004. During the exhibition, STONEX official representative from Italy will visit us and will tell about the proposed surveying instruments and STONEX future plans, and also you will have opportunity to consult about all the company's products, services and ask all the questions of interest to professionals.

Get STONEX STAL 1132 autoleveller FOR FREE!

date: 28.02.2017.

Get STONEX STAL 1132 autoleveller FOR FREE! To participate in the raffle, please register your participation by visiting our stand at the exhibition MĀJA | 2017 or write us at the time of the exhibition to e-mail with reference STONEX.

The lucky winner will be announced on March 12. 15:00

New from YellowScan! Livestation

date: 07.02.2017.

YellowScan LiveStation provides system operators with the immediate and relevant information needed to ensure a smooth acquisition even in difficult working conditions. YellowScan LiveStation renders a real-time, three-dimensional representation of the point cloud during flight, with ability to zoom, translate or rotate. Simultaneously, the user interface presents an immediate summary of the system’s status. The transect view easily allows the operator to check in real-time whether the LiDAR is able to penetrate a forest’s canopy and sample its ground. Missions can later be replayed for analyzing flight conditions and data.

YellowScan Surveyor

date: 06.12.2016.

For the first time in Latvia "Geo Lux" tested the Lidar scanner YellowScan Surveyor installed on the UAV Matrice 600 from DJI. The flight lasted 7 minutes and the result was expected - an excellent system for quick and efficient data acquisition.

Last week GEO LUX went on an a visit to STONEX partners in Italy.

date: 21.11.2016.

Last week "Geo Lux" went on an a visit to STONEX partners in Italy. During the visit we met with specialists, engineers, and we gained new knowledge of GNSS systems, 3D laser scanning and STONEX special projects for agriculture.
Thanks to STONEX team for the warm reception.


New DJI Mavic PRO

date: 03.11.2016.

"Geo Lux" offers the possibility to book the new DJI Mavic PRO.
For pricing and further details about the product, please contact us.

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